Divorce, the time for new growth

   Divorce and child custody issues are two of the most disturbing and stressful experiences that a person can go through. Each of them involves a grieving process for the life that was expected and imagined and the relationship that meant so much but simply didn’t work.

Every person going through this experience is on an inner journey. The journey pushes you to the extremes of your self and breaks and recreates your ego, that mental construct through which we face the world and try to get by.

Naturally this is personal, individual, and no one can know exactly what another person is really going through as they rebuild. If you are going through this, you must find the opportunities for new growth in your life. Here are some links to sites that discuss the process and offer help and guidance:

This link leads to an excellent resource on overcoming the grief of divorce. It give steps to take and describes the emotions that we go through when we lose something full of meaning for our lives.


Here on the other end of this link are five things that you should do:


Here is an excellent criticism of the way that family law is handled in the courts. Is your judge or lawyer guilty of any these issues:


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