Child Custody

Child custody between two parents who get along well is usually an easy matter. Pennsylvania favors a 50/50 split of the child’s time, or as close as possible as the Court can arrange. As easy as it may seem, many issues still need to be worked out. For example, one parent almost always has to spend more time with the children to get them to school each day. When this is the case, it is called primary custody and the other parent will have what is called partial custody. In order to receive the greatest amount of time with his or her children as is possible, the noncustodial parent should have an attorney to represent him or her.

When parents do not get along, or when issues such as distance, relocation or other issues arise, the question may become much more difficult to answer. On these pages are some situations that have arisen, and the blog showcases some other cases.

Due to the complexity of child custody cases, you should contact a lawyer before making any decisions regarding any case that you are involved in. Call now for a free consultation by phone regarding your child custody issues: 215 – 525 – 1511!

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